You may have noticed that along with our new logo, we have a new tagline:

click, call or check
before you dig.

You know to click or call before you dig, but did you know you also need to check?

By submitting a locate request, you receive information about what buried infrastructure is in the ground, but that doesn’t mean you are ready to start digging yet.

Once you have clicked or called to submit your locate, you need to check before you dig. Checking includes:

  • Check your email to receive your locate
  • Check in with utility owners who are not BC1C members
  • Check your maps to familiarize yourself with the location of any underground facilities
  • Check that you are following any and all ground disturbance best practices that may apply to your dig area (overhead power, traffic control, signage, etc.)
  • Check by hand before using mechanical equipment that could potentially strike buried infrastructure
  • Check for visible infrastructure (meters, valve covers, utility poles, junction boxes) that indicate buried utilities may be nearby

Check is the catch-all word to remind excavators to take all the appropriate steps before digging takes place, regardless of whether your first step was a call or a click.

If you disturb the ground in any way, be safe, know what’s below and request a locate for free through BC1C.