Member's Agreement

Review, sign and submit our Member’s Agreement which will identify the terms of membership, or fill out our Online Sign-up Form to start.


Complete member information form

The BC 1 Call Appendix A provides information critical to setting your organization up in the One Call system. For help with completing this section of the Members Agreement contact BC 1 Call at 1-800-474-6886.


We add you to our mapping system

You will be required to provide us with the latest maps of your underground distribution facilities. These may be in the form of computer map drawings, paper maps, or location data in other forms. Regardless, we will fit you into our BC-wide mapping system.


Confirm and validate your data

When your mapping has been completed you will be sent a database validation letter and the Welcome to BC 1 Call Package. Your validation letter will provide instructions on how to go to our online validation site to sign-off on your database. Confirmation and validation of your database is required before you become an active BC 1 Call member.


Protecting your Infrastructure

As the owner and operator of underground infrastructure one of your first priorities must be safety and the protection of your valuable infrastructure. Becoming a BC 1 Call member is the first step to ensuring safety and damage prevention.


As a potential member of BC 1 Call you may have specific questions about the responsibilities of membership, the cost of joining BC 1 Call and benefits of membership, which may not be included in this website. For answers to your questions contact our Operations Manager or Membership Representative.

1-800-474-6886 or

BC 1 Call Mapping Requirements for Members

BC 1 Call utilizes base map information supplied by GIS Innovations as well as other reliable sources. The BC 1 Call base map consists of many levels of mapping attributes including cities, districts, grids, streets, highways, water and landmarks such as schools and fire departments.

It is the responsibility of each member company to ensure the location of their underground facilities is accurately identified and any changes or updates are forwarded to the one call centre. This information is key to ensuring that you are properly notified when an excavator intends to excavate or disturb the ground near your buried facilities. A member's database can be updated at anytime by providing BC 1 Call with the new information.

Mapping information received from members will be processed by BC 1 Call and placed on our validation site for review and validation by the member. For additional information on mapping requirements and compatible mapping software please click on the following link:

Mapping Conversion Requirements