Online Locate Request Webinars (Basic & Advanced)

If you are new to BC 1 Call or would like to learn how to request a locate online, you can watch our free webinars. They will walk you through all the steps of the ticket submission process and discuss frequently asked questions.

Basic Online Locate Webinar: Ideal for homeowners and frontline contractors

Advanced Online Locate Webinar: Ideal for supervisory contractors



BC 1 Call Brochure: Learn about BC 1 Call - who we are, how to request a locate, the importance of digging safely, and other important information everyone who is planning to undertake a project that involves digging in BC must know.

BC 1 Call Content Package: This package includes samples of BC 1 Call content that can be used on your organization's communications channels such as website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms so that the safe digging message can reach as many BC residents as possible.

International code for marking buried facilities: When your site is marked out showing the location of buried facilities, the markers will be coded in accordance with these colours to indicate the type of buried facilities.

FortisBC Guide - Excavation Safety around Natural Gas

BC Common Ground Alliance - 6 Steps for Safe Digging

BC Common Ground Alliance - 6 Steps for Safe Digging (Shortened)

WordSafeBC Toolbox Meeting Guide- for use by supervisors in discussion with workers about the importance of using BC 1 Call.

Watch our Videos

You can watch some of BC 1 Call's instructional videos on our YouTube channel and check our throwback ads on our Videos page.

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