What is BC 1 Call?

BC 1 Call is a not for profit association providing a public service for British Columbians. Its members include the owners and operators of buried facilities such as pipelines, water utilities and telecommunications cables and its users include anyone who plans to disturb the ground in British Columbia.

Is there a charge to the caller using BC 1Call?

No. The call is free using the 1-800-474-6886 number.

Once BC 1 Call receives a call requesting locate information, who provides the facility location information?

The member company provides the information. BC 1 Call does not do locates. We advise the excavator which member companies are being notified and the member follows procedures already in place for advising people of the location of buried facilities.

Are members required to provide BC 1 Call with computer-ready maps showing the location of facilities?

No. Computerized mapping is the preferred format for ease of integration with the BC 1 Call mapping system. BC 1 Call, however, will make every effort to utilize other mapping systems available to members.

We have a procedure in place for handling of locate requests. What does BC 1 Call do that we don’t?

We save you time and money. Our damage prevention agents are dedicated to handling locate requests and have a systematic approach for collecting the necessary information.

How much does it cost to join?

All new members pay a $2.25 fee per notification and a one-time joining fee of $50.

What are the benefits of joining BC 1 Call?

Reduced risk of accidents, injury, environmental or facility damage and down time, as well as improved safety and lower litigation and compensation costs. For more information consult our Membership page.

Where can I find Resources for Members

Documents and other helpful information can be found on the BC 1 Call Member Resources page.