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Let's get started

Submitting a ticket requires the following information:

  • Name and contact information
  • The exact location of your planned excavation
  • How deep will you be digging?
  • When do you plan to begin work?
  • Are you digging on public or private property, or both?
  • Where on the property will you be digging?

There are no charges or costs to you for anything associated with this process.



Request a locate online 24/7/365. Learn how here.

Or call our toll-free number: 1-800-474-6886 during Call Centre hours

Prior to calling in a Locate Request, please be ready with all required information. See: Information Checklist


Monday to Friday

7:00 am to 5:00 pm PST - excluding holidays

Any time for emergency calls


We issue a BC 1 Call confirmation ticket

We identify your excavation site on our mapping system.
When your site has been located, the BC 1 Call Damage Prevention Agent can identify which of our members has underground services buried on or near your site.

We issue a BC 1 Call confirmation ticket number.
You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your locate request with details of your project and the names of our members with buried facilities in your area that have been notified. You will also be advised to contact any other parties who may have underground facilities in your excavation area but are not BC 1 Call members (see Member List).

Your ticket number is confirmation of your request and should be retained until the work has been completed.

You are not clear to excavate until all members notified have contacted you. BC 1 Call does not confirm clearance to dig.



Involve one or more of the following:
• Repair or replacement of essential services
• Environmental contamination
• Clean up of oil or hazardous waste spills
• A safety concern with emergency crews on-site or en-route

Call 1-800-474-6886 for emergency locate requests. Our members will respond ASAP.

Do not use BC 1 Call online tickets for emergency locates.


Our members get back to you

Once our member companies receive the ticket giving notice of your dig project they determine if their underground facilities are dangerously near or across your site.

Each member company will respond to your request within three working days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Members will provide one or more of the following services:

  • Site plans of their underground services showing the location on or near your site
  • Physical surface markings by sending a representative to your site
  • Digging instructions and other relevant safety information

Your excavation must start within 14 calendar days from the request date of the ticket.  If excavation has commenced within the 14 calendar days, only then is the ticket valid for 30 calendar days from the request date of the ticket. Some member companies may request more frequent update requirements.

Some utility owners do not identify services on private property. Private property services are sometimes referred to as secondary lines or house lines as they have been installed by a developer and not the utility owner. Secondary lines can be located by engaging private contractors to do the work.



If a member company does not respond to a request within the three working days, contact BC 1 Call at and we will follow up with the appropriate member on your behalf.


Check that you’re ready to dig

Take the following precautions as you proceed with your excavation:

  • Measure and mark your site to show where the underground services are
  • Hand dig to expose the services before using any mechanical equipment for
    heavy digging

It is the excavator’s responsibility to follow all digging instructions that have been provided by the utility owner.



There are strict requirements when digging within dedicated “rights of way”, which contains high pressure oil or gas pipelines. Check that you obtain all required permits as indicated by the utility owner or operator. In many cases the requirements will include having an inspector on site while you dig.


Learn how to request a locate online

If you are new to BC 1 Call or would like to learn how to request a locate online, you can watch our free webinars. They will walk you through all the steps of the ticket submission process and give specific tips for professional excavators.

Basic Online Locate Webinar: Ideal for non-supervisory excavators

Advanced Locate Webinar: Ideal for supervisory excavators