Prospective Members

Member Information Package

This package answers Member questions you may have. If additional information, or clarification is needed contact BC 1 Call: 1-800-474-6886

Member Onboarding

Member's Agreement

Legal Agreement between BC 1 Call and its Member Organizations.

Appendix A

BC 1 Call Appendix A provides information that is critical to setting your organization up in the one call system.

Electronic Mapping

Electronic Mapping Conversion Requirements and Compatible Mapping Software.

Notices | Requests

BC 1 Call Marketing & Communications Info Package

This package includes samples of BC 1 Call content that can be used on your organization's communications channels such as website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms so that the safe digging message can reach as many BC residents as possible.

WorksafeBC Tool Box Safety Meeting Guide & BC 1 Call Locate Request Information Checklist

To facilitate your next Construction & Maintenance team safety meeting on the importance of BC 1 Call and the information required to place a locate request download these two documents: WorkSafeBC Toolbox Safety Meeting Discussion Guide about BC 1 Call and BC 1 Call Locate Request Information Checklist

BC 1 Call Bumper Stickers Now Available

Show you are part of the Safe Digging Community while on the road: order your free BC 1 Call bumper stickers from Don't forget to replace existing bumper stickers bearing our old logo!

Effective April 20, 2022 the Member Response time for Large Project tickets is extended from 3 to 5 business days. Read our blog post for more details.

The rollout of the Promote Ticket functionality (Design/Planning Request to Ground Disturbance Locate Request) is coming soon! Read our blog post for more details.

2022 Notification Fee

Notice of 2022 notification fee to Members.

Request for New Appendix A

Request for members to send a new Appendix A in 2022. Please provide an updated list of contacts each year. The contact names and information is initially included in Appendix A of the Member's Agreement, and is easily out of date, including general contact, billing and communications contacts. 


2021 Report to Members & Partners

Annual Report to BC 1 Call's Members & Partners.

2020 Report to Members & Partners

Annual Report to BC 1 Call's Members & Partners.