BC 1 Call received overwhelming encouragement through our 2022 user and member surveys to do more to promote BC 1 Call.  So, we’re really excited to announce the launch of our amped-up spring campaign!

We’ve expanded our traditional annual marketing campaign significantly, both in terms of duration and marketing tactics. The campaign will run for 3 months (March 6 to the end of May) rather than 1 month (April), and we’ve developed new content for TV and radio ads to complement our traditional social media messaging and ads.

Essentially, we’re keeping our focus on the same targeted audience (namely, homeowners, and contractors, including landscapers), but reaching them where users typically first hear about BC 1 Call (according to our User Survey): TV, radio, and digital sources, as well as social media.

We’re particularly excited about our new fun and informative TV and digital video ads featuring different types of work that can cause damage to infrastructure and affect delivery of critical services to the home. Short and to the point and ending with a new BC 1 Call musical signature.

As always, our aim is to increase awareness and use of BC 1 Call’s free locate service and help mitigate damage incidents and service disruptions in communities across British Columbia.

Take a look! 


Listen and look for our advertisements this spring season on television, streaming, radio, and online!

Stay tuned! BC 1 Call will be sharing content more specific to Safe Digging Month (April)!