BC 1 Call is urging all homeowners, contractors and landscapers to click or call before you dig to avoid potential damage and injury.

Spring is the season when we all enjoy getting outside and tackling those projects we put off in the fall and winter. But did you know that if you do any hand or mechanical work that disturbs the ground in any way, you could inadvertently damage important underground infrastructure, and that could put you at risk of personal injury and repair costs?

April is recognized as Safe Digging Month in B.C. As the link between the excavating community (including both professionals and homeowners) and our members (public and private sector owners of underground infrastructure across the province), BC 1 Call urges you (yes, YOU!) to take advantage of our free service before you dig.

BC 1 Call’s role is to take requests for information on buried facilities at a proposed dig site, and relay the request to all of its members who have infrastructure at risk. Notified BC 1 Call members then respond to the homeowner, contractor or landscaper with the critical information and instructions needed to avoid hitting underground infrastructure.

Underground infrastructure serving our communities and businesses includes pipes and lines carrying drinking water, internet, heat, air conditioning, telecommunications and other critical services. The potential consequences of not contacting BC 1 Call are serious – personal injury, service disruption, environmental damage and project delays. Preventing avoidable damage is a shared responsibility between those digging, BC 1 Call, and the owners of critical underground infrastructure, including its 360 members. 

Contacting BC 1 Call is a year-round best practice that prevents avoidable damage incidents and service disruptions. Anyone can request a free locate request ticket online 24/7 at bc1c.ca or via phone during regular business hours at 1-800-474-6886. An online request through bc1c.ca is quick and convenient. Always request a locate at least three business days in advance of starting work, and remind your loved ones or fellow contractors to do the same.

Contacting BC 1 Call in advance, and then digging with care, helps protect people, the environment and underground infrastructure.  Let’s work together to keep B.C. safe!