Our annual survey gives an opportunity for our users to provide feedback on BC 1 Call’s service. We ask how they heard about BC 1 Call, whether they were a homeowner or contractor, employed by a BC1C member organization, or if they were a brand new user and are still learning about our free service. 

We also inquire about the use and value of our service, their overall satisfaction with the service, likelihood to recommend the use of BC1 Call, and provide space for open ended feedback and suggestions. 

We are delighted by the feedback we received from all the respondents of last year’s survey, which was both positive and constructive. Importantly, we are grateful to be able to assist in keeping British Columbians safe from damage to critical underground infrastructure, loss of crucial services, potential hazards and personal injury. 

Summary of Feedback

Key results: 

  • 87.2% of respondents stated that they use BC 1 Call’s service because it is a critical step to ensure safe digging practices are followed, protecting their communities. 
  • 92.7% of users indicated they were overall very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with BC 1 Call’s service.
  • 86.6% of users indicated they were very likely to recommend the use of BC 1 Call’s service to someone. 

What We Heard 

The survey received a number of comments ranging from questions based around education and awareness, mapping and response times, membership with BC1C, the software and website, and physical locates. 

Some common comments were related to quicker turn around times for locate requests, the ability to make emergency locate requests online, improvement of our mapping software and more accurate mapping. Providing more education and training tips, increasing our advertising, and providing a BC 1 Call marketing and communications information package that can be leveraged to show your company’s or organization’s support for the use of BC 1 Call’s service. 

We appreciate all comments and we are committed to following up on all feedback provided. Your feedback will also be shared with members and our operational vendors and will be used to enhance our service. It is our collective aim is to make it as easy and reliable as possible for you to know what’s below before breaking ground. 

We also heard loud and clear that our users want to know how to show their support and amplify the safe digging message. This BC 1 Call Marketing and Info Package contains content and graphics that can be used to promote BC 1 Call’s free service.  This package includes: 

  • Information on our BC1C annual spring campaign
  • Content you can repurpose for your company’s communications channel, including print, digital and advertising assets (images, graphics, gifs) 
  • Social media post suggestions for sharing BC 1 Call’s message to your social media 
  • Free BC 1 Call bumper stickers 
  • Co-branding opportunities/suggestions 
  • General information about BC 1 Call 

Every year when we do these surveys, we like to provide a thank you prize box and gift card to one lucky participant who is chosen at random. This year’s winner was Rob Mitchell, who is a BC 1 Call user and Teck Resources employee! 

Thank you again to the respondents who took part in the 2022 user survey, you are helping us serve you better. Stay tuned for the 2023 survey later this year, or reach out to us at any time to provide feedback!

BC 1 Call holds its user survey annually from September until November to find out more about our users, their overall satisfaction with the service and areas for improvement. The 2022 survey received a total of 1,225 responses and was shared through email blasts, a blog post on the BC 1 Call’s website and social media posts on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.