Environment Week is a time to celebrate Canada’s environmental accomplishments, as well as an encouragement to all Canadians to contribute to conserving and protecting the environment. BC 1 Call and its members fully support Environment Week, and work to protect the environment all year long.

BC 1 Call is primarily known as a champion of worker safety and infrastructure damage prevention. But protecting the environment is integral to our Vision: “Protecting people, the environment, and underground infrastructure to keep B.C. safe.” 

Just like safety and damage prevention, protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. There are many different ways to step up. Consider BC 1 Call members. All are safety-minded public and private sector owners of underground infrastructure who deliver critical services to British Columbians. Many are focused on sustainability and climate change as they execute their individual mandates. Here are some of the types of individual strategies and initiatives underway:

  • Environmental protection research
  • Climate change risk assessments and adaptation projects
  • Ecosystem protection:
    • planting tree and shrub seedlings
    • erosion control
    • silt management 
    • fish & wildlife habitat conservation
  • Air Quality Improvement:
    • enhanced public transportation
    • active transportation pathways
    • reduced GHG Emissions through:
      • carbon capture technologies 
      • EV or hybrid fleet vehicles
      • building efficiencies
  • Water Conservation:
    • reduced water usage  
    • increased use of recycled water
  • Waste Reduction/Landfill Diversion:
    • Reduce, recycle, reuse, repurpose initiatives 
  • Helping customers contribute to protecting the environment:
    • education for customers 
    • lower carbon solutions for customers
    • energy efficiency investment rebates

Habitual use of BC 1 Call supports safe and sustainable building of a beautiful British Columbia  

As our population increases, more housing, other construction and utility infrastructure will be required.

During Environment Week (and throughout the year), BC residents can engage in safe digging practices to help protect the environment. Simply Click or Call BC 1 Call before breaking ground and follow our members’ instructions to avoid inadvertently damaging underground infrastructure delivering critical services. Another protective step anyone can take is to help raise awareness among colleagues, friends and family of the importance of using BC 1 Call’s service.  

Let’s all do our part to minimize environmental risks and promote safe digging practices! Underground infrastructure owners can do so by joining and using BC 1 Call, and BC homeowners and contractors can do so by contacting BC 1 Call for any planned industrial, commercial or residential ground disturbance project. Together, we can help protect and preserve Canada’s environment for the enjoyment and use of current and future generations.