Finally, after 29 years:  BC 1 Call Has A New Member’s Agreement!

From 1994 to 2022, BC 1 Call and its members operated under the same standard Member’s Agreement.  Not surprisingly, we were long overdue for a serious update. 

For perspective: The original agreement was developed for our launch in 1994 when our services were 100% phone-based and we had only a handful of members.

Today, over 80% of locate requests are submitted online (something not even contemplated in the original agreement), and we have over 360 members. The original founders provided 100% of BC 1 Call’s funding through start-up funding and notification fees (at $17.50/notification!), and now our six shareholders provide ~74% of our funding, and make decisions for the benefit of all members and other stakeholders.

What we needed was a stream-lined agreement that enshrines our basic non-profit, shared services model, with more decision-making authority and accountability placed with the Board.  Essentially, we needed an agreement for the 21st century.

As of November 16, 2022, we have in place just such a new standard form agreement between BC 1 Call and each of its member organizations.

BC 1 Call simplified and modernized our member’s agreement, and in the process shortened the document by 6 pages! Gone are details about processes and procedures that do not articulate the contractual rights and responsibilities of BC 1 Call or the member.  The result is a business agreement that reflects the times and how we do business today, while allowing BC 1 Call to evolve to serve you better by taking advantage of technological evolution. 

What hasn’t changed:

BC 1 Call’s commitment to:

●        serve as the link between the excavating community and our members using the same information flows,

●        operate as an efficient non-profit, setting fees to cover annually approved budgets,

●        leverage technology, while providing support through friendly, professional agents, and

●        maintain your mapping data in confidence.

Each Member’s key commitments to:

●        update their mapping data at least annually,

●        respond to notifications in a timely fashion, and

●        update contact information as it changes (Appendix A – Member Information).

Since we have an extremely stable membership base, and don’t ask members to sign a new agreement each year, we wanted an agreement that permits leadership decisions by BC 1 Call to evolve the business as appropriate (e.g. leverage technology, streamline processes, evolve our standards and formats, and set annual fees and fee structures). The original agreement was appropriate for founding members with representatives on the Board of Directors, but not for an organization of over 360 members who expect the company to be making business decisions in the best interests of the members.  

So, we left in what is foundational, modernized the context and terms, and inserted discretion and flexibility where appropriate.

 If you haven’t checked out the updated member’s agreement, click here.

Please note: you don’t need to execute a new agreement if you are an existing BC 1 Call member. Continued use of our service is deemed acceptance.  

However, this is the time of year we ask members to review their Appendix A – Member Information, so we have your current contacts, including your communications prime for us to engage to help share BC 1 Call messages.  Also, please consider the need to update your mapping data.

If you have any questions about the agreement, please don’t hesitate to email Chris Hyland, President & CEO at

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 To join the safe digging community and become a member, visit our membership page, where you will find the benefits of becoming a BC 1 Call member.   

 Other key links for prospective or existing members:

Who can be a member of BC 1 Call?

Our members include public and private sector owners and operators of underground infrastructure, such as pipelines, water utilities and telecommunications cables. We have municipality and regional members, as well as First Nations members.

Our users include anyone who plans to disturb the ground in British Columbia and observes the safe digging practice of contacting BC 1 Call, beforehand, about the potential presence of any underground infrastructure in a dig site.

Why become a member?

We encourage all owners of underground facilities to become members of the 1 Call system. Consequences of a hit to utilities include:

●        Loss of life / Personal injury

●        Environmental contamination

●        Explosion, fire, flood, or toxic gas escape

●        Evacuation of a residential area

●        Disruption of essential services

●        Lawsuits / Medical costs / Legal costs

●        Fines / Jail terms

By joining the BC 1 Call system you become a part of an efficient safety team that works together to reduce the risk of loss of life, personal injury, environmental damage, disruptions to services, and costly repairs.

Together, we work at preventing damages to critical underground infrastructure in B.C.’s communities.