BC 1 Call fully supports the recognition of June 5 to June 11, 2023, as Environment Week in Canada!

BC 1 Call’s Vision is “Protecting people, the environment, and underground infrastructure to keep B.C. safe.” Further, our strategic plan commits BC 1 Call to contributing to the government’s net zero goals.

In terms of mission, BC 1 Call and its 362 members facilitate safe digging practices by equipping homeowners and the professional excavating community with knowledge and tools to avoid damaging underground infrastructure.  This in turn, protects workers and homeowners, minimizes disruption of critical services (e.g., water, internet, air conditioning, and electricity), and guards against preventable contamination from leaks and spills. 

Underground infrastructure owners who are members of BC 1 Call make the service free of charge to all professional excavators and homeowners in British Columbia.  Based on a single location request ticket, BC 1 Call notifies all members whose assets lie within the proposed dig site, who then respond with safe digging instructions. BC 1 Call’s system does not have access to infrastructure maps of non-members, who must, therefore, be separately discovered and contacted by anyone proposing to disturb the ground. (For BC 1 Call’s current list of members, visit https://www.bc1c.ca/member-list/.)  

Importantly, the B.C. Energy Regulator (formerly, the Oil & Gas Commission of British Columbia) requires that all pipeline permit holders be members of BC 1 Call as a means of minimizing environmental contamination due to preventable pipeline strikes.  By year-end 2022, over one-third of BC 1 Call’s members (123 companies) were from the oil and gas sector.

The BC Energy Regulator works to bring balance to the relationship between the landscape we love and the energy we rely on.

As a regulator, one of the BCER’s main jobs is to protect the environment. From exploration to development and operations all the way to restoration, we carefully oversee all oil and gas, and geothermal activities and work to continuously improve to meet British Columbia’s energy and environmental goals. – British Columbia Energy Regulator 

Established in 1971, Canada’s Environment Week celebrates Canada’s environmental accomplishments and encourages Canadians to contribute to conserving and protecting the environment. This annual event serves as a reminder of the critical role we all play in safeguarding our planet and urges each of us to adopt habits that make a difference.

As our population increases, more and more construction and utility builds will be required. Habitual use of BC 1 Call supports safe and sustainable building of Beautiful British Columbia.  

During Environment Week (and throughout the year), BC residents can engage in safe digging practices to help protect the environment.  Simply Click or Call BC 1 Call before breaking ground on any outdoor DIY or home improvement project and follow our members’ instructions to avoid inadvertently hitting underground infrastructure delivering critical services and supplies to you and your community. Another protective step anyone can take is to help raise awareness and encourage the use of BC 1 Call’s service among friends, family, and neighbours.  

Let’s all do our part to minimize environmental risks and promote responsible safe digging practices:  underground infrastructure owners by joining BC 1 Call, and British Columbians by contacting BC 1 Call for any planned ground disturbance project.  Together, we can help protect and preserve Canada’s environment for the enjoyment and use of current and future generations.