BC 1 Call's 2022 Report to Members & Partners is now available!

We are delighted to report on another year of strong results, including for service levels, customer experience, and growth of members and users.  Importantly, we set many new records. Highlights include:

Service Volume and Efficiencies:

  • Locate Request volumes remain high, with 2022 being the 5th consecutive year of over 200,000 tickets.
  • Operational efficiencies were realized in terms of a record percentage of locate requests being online, and a record low ratio of agent interactions per locate request.

Customer Experience:

  • BC 1 Call met or exceeded all 2021 customer experience results, setting new standards!
  • Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  For example,
    • The average overall service rating by both member and user respondents to our 2022 surveys was over 4 out of 5.
    •  Of the 1,058 responses to our 1 minute Post-Experience User Survey, 98% said they were satisfied with their agent, 90% gave an overall satisfied rating of 4/5 or 5/5, and 98% would refer others to BC 1 Call.

Growth of Members & Users:

  • We closed 2022 with a record 362 members, after welcoming 10 net new members. Importantly, we did not lose any members (other than through industry consolidations, particularly in the Oil & Gas sector).
  • We surpassed 100,000 individual registered users, reaching over 112,000 as, on average, ~2,000 new users registered each month. All three user categories witnessed double digit growth.

BC 1 Call is but one stakeholder among many working to keep B.C. workers and communities safe through the prevention of damage to underground infrastructure. Your ongoing commitment is an essential ingredient in our ability to share the positive results that matter. Thank you!

We hope you enjoy the report!